No-Time Trilogy

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starting POINT

The day the last panda died is the first piece of the No-Time Trilogy.

The show want to reflect on what make us humans from visiting a dystopian future: the wild panda bear will become extinct due to the disappearance of its natural habitat. After a while, captive pandas, those that inhabit zoos around the world, will stop having sexual activity and therefore they will stop reproducing and scientists will work to gestate a panda bear embryo outside the maternal uterus. This fact opens the door to humans artificial gestation.

What future can we expect in a highly technical society which is immersed in the constant evolution of artificial intelligence?

work lines

“Humanization is a process and therefore will never end. If we became human, the next step would be the development of characteristics that we will not know if would be beyond human condition. Arriving to the moment that we will be able to reproduce in an extra-somatic or extracorporeal way thanks to the contribution of artificial wombs, obviously, we will increase our independence from nature and, consequently, we will enjoy more freedom. The disappearance of social dimorphism will be one of the characteristics of the fully human civilization of this distant future, that is closer than we think”.

Fragment of “We are not human yet” by Eudald Carbonell

In the essay We are not human yet Eudald Carbonell and Robert Sala state that the human being is immersed in an unfinished process of humanization. According to them, what brings us closer to animals and moves us away from humanization are the concepts of property and territoriality, the establishment of social hierarchies, competitiveness and aggressiveness. But they also point out what can move us forward on the path of humanization, and among these criteria they include are knowledge and technology, its socialization and the process of equality between the sexes.

In opposition to the current of thought that defends the return to nature as a way to recover our essence, Carbonell and Sala bet on the use of technology to become fully human. And they do so at a time when technology is often criticized and even seen as the responsible for our possible disappearance as a species. The possibility of accessing a full humanization in the future and which shapes could this take, is the hypothesis of the research that we are going to develop.

performed by

Toni Guillemat Álvarez
Georgina Avilés Sarrias
Gerard Marsal Norte
Anna Pérez Moya
Neus Pàmies Juárez
Mireia Sala Aresté
Xavier Torra Xuriguera



A Projecte Ingenu production, with the support of Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC), Guaret Suport a la Creació Fira Tàrrega 21 i 22 and the collaboration of Nau Ivanow.
Show will be premiered in Fira Tàrrega 2022.

Creative team

Direction: Marc Chornet Artells
Assistant director: Claudia Manini
Playwright: Projecte Ingenu
Scenography desing: Projecte Ingenu
Lighting desing: Pau Vila
Costume desing: Marta Rafa
Audiovisual desing: Alfonso Ferri
Music and sonor space: Gerard Marsal
Production: Projecte Ingenu