An original creation inspired by the “The Tempest” of W. Shakespeare

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An old man who once was prosperous. A house that used to be splendid. A daughter. Runes of memories to unearth. Vestiges of a certain past? Fabulations to avoid forgetting? The last great Shakespeare’s work, “The Tempest” provides a starting point for Projecte Ingenu for an exploration of the nature of the human senescence. 

We are such stuff as memories are made on.

About the show

Theater people often ask ourselves if what we stage is true, believable, verisimilar… We are afraid to use the word “lie”, we think it distances us from an essence that should be preserved… However, everyone assumes that theater is a lie, nothing more than a possible construction of reality that allows us to access a feeling of verisimilitude, of plausibility. In a more or less comfortable chair, we let our brain work and perceive as real the actors performing in front of scenery. And our brain starts working in a very accurate way organizing partial indications to interpret it as a complete reality. 

But … What happens outside the theater? What happens with what we consider “reality”? Does the brain work in the same way? Is “pure reality” as pure and real as we think, or just a set of partial clues that our brain insists on thinking that are coherent? And, what happens when the brain is no longer able to know when it is inside or outside the theater …? What happens when it is no longer able to control what it perceives, how it perceives it and what is the meaning of what it reconstructs? Where then does reality reside? Where does the truth reside? 

I was Prospero is a game that proposes to the spectator to take part to the deliriums of an elder mind, perhaps senile, perhaps too lucid… Of an “Animal of Memories”, in the words of the Catalan poet Vicent Andrés Estellés. An old man, isolated from the world, locked in a house, within walls that are his own memories… The oblivion, the tempest that comes and goes and returns to purify everything… We are made of the same matter of dreams. But what shape do dreams have? 


Marc Chornet Artells


"An extraordinarily contemporary staging in its post-dramatic and performative construction, it explains without narrative "encapsulation", that is, in a magically and cruelly theatrical way, "the storm, which is coming, that returns and retraces to purify everything."

Daniele Rizzo


"After "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet ", the company closes a Shakespearean trilogy entering fully into a physical and poetic theater where the choral, the sung voice, the mutant scenery and the joint ritual experience with the viewer are part of the scenic language."


Somnis de teatre

"A fascinating and moving portrait of what the loss of memory is. A spectacle from which you cannot look away. Beautiful."

Gema Moraleda

Espectáculos BCN

"Shakespeare's The Tempest ... without words. And without words he leaves us all, because adaptation is a wonder of staging, interpretation, subtlety, visual poetry ..."

Nicolas Larruy

"Projecte Ingenu is forbidden to comply and continues to demonstrate. There are no borders, there are no barriers that fail to overcome. What a f * cking wonder! BRAVO!"

Elisa Díez

"A perfect choreography, a group of actors in a state of grace."

Pep Barbany

"True to the line that Ingenu Project has marked, we are facing a choral stage proposal in which the main character is explained by what is generated around them. A line that has led them to excellence in cohesion group."

Iolanda G Madariaga

"A brilliant exercise in experimentation, of theatrical risk, of challenging viewers against the convention of comfort, of exerting the imagination and forcing the piston of visual poetry."

Andreu Sotorra

performed by

Víctor Josep Rodrigo
Toni Guillemat
Cristina López
Neus Pàmies
Martí Salvat
Anna Pérez
Xavier Torra

creative team

Collective creation by Projecte Ingenu
Direction: Marc Chornet Artells
Lighting design: Laura Clos (Closca)
Costume design: Marta Rafa
Audiovisual design: Alfonso Ferri
Sound space design: Pol Queralt
Movement assistant: Víctor Josep Rodrigo
Direction assistant: Jaume Viñas
Costume assistant: Helena Torres
Photography: David Ruano

Show without text
A Projecte Ingenu‘s production with the support of the European program for innovation and cultural management, Creative Lenses.
Whith the supposrt of INAEM
With the support of Nau Ivanow, La Seca – Espai Borssa, Convent de les Arts d’Alcover and Cercle Artístic de Ciutadella de Menorca.

Winner show of the Premi BBVA de Teatre 2021.

Show premiered on April 5, 2018 at la Seca – Espai Brossa, Barcelona.
Second season from Novembre 20, 2019 at Teatre Akadèmia, Barcelona.