or the funeral that the poet did not have

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On her wedding day, during the feast, the Bride decides to escape on horseback with her true love: Leonardo. The author bases Bodas de sangre on a real fact (the crime committed in the Níjar farmhouse) to tell a tragic story about love and desire confronted with duty, honor and family interests.

Lorca portrays a brave woman who confronts her society to chase her own desire, her own dream, a claim that is still necessary today.

In 1936, fascism killed Federico García Lorca. At the age of 38 he had time enough to become the most important playwright in the history of Spain. Keeping his figure alive among the younger generations is a necessary task to stop the neo-fascism that threatens Europe and Spain again.

The passionate story of Bodas de Sangre, that is updated in our version, serves as a pretext to explain, also, the life and the death of Lorca himself.

A show when words are accompanied and sustained through song, electronic music, the body work and movement.

performed by

Marina Alegre Silva
Pol Jiménez Sánchez
Toni Guillemat Álvarez
Gerard Marsal Norte
Cristina López Vallés
Martí Salvat Morin
Xavier Torra Xuriguera
Ivet Zamora Oliver



Show language spanish.
A Projecte Ingenu production with the support of Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC), Espectacles amb Classe, Teatre Poliorama and the colaboration of Nau Ivanow.
Show premiered on May 27th 2021 at Mostra de Teatre Infantil i Juvenil d’Igualada.

creative team

Direction: Marc Chornet Artells
Text adaptation: Anna Maria Ricart and Marc Chornet Artells
Direction and movement assistant: Georgina Avilés
Scenography design: Laura Clos (Closca)
Lighting desing: Pol Queralt Pané
Costume design: Adriana Parra
Audiovisual design: Alfonso Ferri Parres
Sonor space and music design: Gerard Marsal Norte
Choreography and live ‘bailaor’: Pol Jiménez Sánchez
Production: Neus Pàmies Juárez
Production assistant: Abel Martí
Photography: David Ruano
Graphic design: Clàudia Parra