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Projecte Ingenu

About Projecte Ingenu

In 2013 a group of young people who just graduated in Institut del Teatre of Barcelona detected not only the need to get into the “market” which would govern their careers. Projecte Ingenu was born as a research group about theatrical practice, with the aim of combining professional work with personal development and investigation of a possible model of contemporary actor.

The aim was to start a regular job without boundaries between acting, playwriting and directing actors. We wanted to build a space of “rest”, where the rush to solve a scene didn’t fit in our philosophy. The work sessions organized by themes brought about investigation in different areas: theatre out of context (theatre space and its limits), theatre and society (social intervention experiences with theatre as a centerpiece), the theatre performer (actor is able to alter the space-time experience in the receiver).


Gradually we have found the need to materialize in shows our dynamic of working, trying not to lose the essence of continuous work, regular and wide although the rithm of theatres compels us to talk with standard tempos of production. So, nowadays we combine artistic creation with our training activities and research.

The 2014-2015 season Sala Atrium proposed us to collaborate with them in a small Hamlet, where the focus was on the acting work.

In spring 2014, we had had five months of work where we explored different theatrical chorus dynamics, some passages from Shakespeare and we even left the room to make several working open-air sessions. We knew that sooner or later we should ask ourselves if we wanted to participate or even create shows, but we didn’t know it would be that soon. We tried that those principles on which we based our work were preserved in the process of production of a show: we rehearsed a long period, we worked around theatrical chorus work, the stage got naked and the actor became the centre of the piece.


The day we premiered our Spanish version, we got a Special Mention in the contest Off Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre.

“The jury also decides to give two special mentions to: Hamlet by William Shakespeare, with dramaturgy and direction of Marc Chornet and Raimon Molins, from Companyia Sala Atrium and Projecte Ingenu, because it is an excellent piece without physical elements but full of symbolic ones in which the presence of water creates a conceptual set”

Jury of Almagro Off.

After the successful experience and beautiful receiving by both the public and critics, our naive Hamlet was seen again the past season in Sala Atrium. We also premiered Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls in Teatre Akadèmia, and after the success of the show it took place back again in June 2016.

This season, after a beautiful receiving, our ROMEO AND JULIET will be back in La Seca-Espai Brossa in Christma’s Holidays and we also are preparing our next show: YERMA by Federico Garcia Lorca, that will start on March 1st in Teatre Akademia.


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