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Projecte Ingenu

1 adj free from reserve, restraint; or dissimulation; candid; sincere.
2 adj artless; innocent; naive.

In 2013 a group of young people detected that they didn’t feel comfortable with the market tempos. Projecte Ingenu was born as a research group about theatrical practice, with the aim of merging professional work with personal development and investigation of a possible model for the contemporary actor.

We began an actoral training based on ancient greek chorus and vocal music experimentation, working on the rehearsal room but also on non conventional outdoor spaces. We started to use the concept “slowtheatre” to define us. The Slow Movement addresses the issue of ‘time poverty’ through making connections. We are constantly looking for connections that return us to humanity, to all that relates to life.

We applied this philosophy in our rehearsals: the scene got naked and the actor became the centre of the piece. Theatre is the relationship between the actor and the audience, hand to hand, in every word. This experience, this humanity does not have limits, it crosses borders.

The aim was to start a regular job without boundaries between acting, playwriting and directing actors. We wanted to build a “slow” space, where the rush to solve a scene didn’t fit in our philosophy. The work sessions organised by themes brought about investigation in different areas: theatre out of context (theatre space and its limits), theatre and society (social intervention experiences with theatre as a centerpiece), the theatre performer (actor is able to alter the space-time experience of the receiver).

Gradually we have found the need to materialise in shows our dynamic of working, trying not to lose the essence of continuous work, regular and wide, although the rhythm of theatres compels us to talk with the standard tempos of production. So, nowadays we combine artistic creation with our training activities and research.


Our workaday has been diversifying in three areas or work lines:


A permanent investigation of our aesthetic identity based on simplicity/ingenuity and also focused on the actors work for our creation.


During 2017, we created (with Nau Ivanow) Escena Germinal -slowtheatre-, a creation processes festival, with the aim of generating encounters between great artists, young companies and the audience.


Life experience with theatre is not always inside a theatre. We think that we can present theatre to people in other ways. So we have done some workshops and performative actions with young people or audience volunteers. These kinds of experiences are inspirational for us and for the audience/group and let us understand what really touches people. Some examples:

Veure. Mirar. Sentir. // action included in La Nit dels Museus 2017

Blau // a theatre-dance creation

Assaig compartit // workshop with young students duraing an Artistic Stage in Menorca.